BrickSlider 2.01

An original bricks game for your Pocket PC

BrickSlider is a puzzle game that has won the hearts and challenged the minds of thousands of PDA owners - and gained the praise of respected industry experts.

It comes loaded with:

  • 100 exciting levels
  • Superb graphics
  • Cool gameplay
  • Multiplayer game support
  • Oodles of different types of bricks and bonuses

The rules are simple and the game dangerously addictive. You send bricks from the borders to the island in the middle, and when 3 bricks of the same color meet they disappear.

You’ll be hooked instantly by BrickSlider. Download and install the game on your PDA. But beware: the game is infectious. You’ll soon find yourself in fierce competition with family, friends and co-workers for the highest score.

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BrickSlider 2.01

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